Thursday, May 10, 2012


How would you feel if you are spending the rest of your life achieving the finish line then suddenly something is blocking your way to reach your dreams? Maybe, some of us will be disappointed, some will give up and some will lose hope. But today, I want to share a beautiful video that will inspire us. 

We all have our goals in life but we cannot deny the fact that along the way we might experience failure or disappointment that hinder us to push through one more try. But, let us always remember that God is ready to help and rescue us providing a way in reaching our goal.  So, let’s not give up on our dreams because God is always there to assist us and pick us up if we stumble and fall.

"Most" The Movie (The Bridge) Music Trailer Video*

Every time I am down I just wanted to watch this video to remind me how God loves people to the point of sacrificing His son just to save us despite of the wrong doings we did.

The video showed a jam packed life’s lesson of Sacrifice and Love.